Concrete quality control for Inland Pipe in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Recent Materials Testing Projects

· City of Winnipeg Millenium Library– Winnipeg, Mb.

· City of Winnipeg Public Works Building– Winnipeg, Mb.

· Nexen Chemicals Phase VI Plant Expansion—Brandon, Mb.

· Lindenwoods Manor Condominium Complex-Winnipeg, Mb.

· Shorehill Drive Bridge– Winnipeg, Mb.

· Swan River Valley Health Centre-Swan River, Mb.

· Selkirk GM Centre-Selkirk, Mb.

· McPhillips Street Station Casino Parking Lot-Winnipeg, Mb.

· NRC/CRNC Building-Winnipeg, Manitoba

· University of Winnipeg Renovations-Winnipeg, Mb.


Winnipeg, Manitoba

2484 Ferrier Street

Phone : 204-334-5356

Fax: 204-339-7976

Email: Jeff@mblock.ca


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Materials Testing


Geotechnical & Environmental Consulting Engineers

Concrete Testing

· CSA concrete mix designs

· Freeze thaw durability testing

· CSA concrete aggregate sieves

· CSA concrete testing

· Concrete bond adhesion testing

· Concrete Coring

· Mortar Testing

Asphalt Testing

· Complete Marshall Analysis

· Asphalt Coring

· Field Density Testing

· Asphalt Mix Designs

· Roadwork quality control

Soil Testing

· Atterberg Limits

· Hydrometer Analysis

· Free Swell Testing

· Unconfined Compression

· Permeability Testing

· USCS soil classification

· Aggregate sieving

· Consolidation Testing

For further testing inquires not listed above please contact our Laboratory Manager Mr. Gordon Richards, CET


                          gordon@mblock.ca or 204-334-5356


Concrete compression machine capable of achieving a maximum load of 1800 kN.